Voice 'n Yoga Workshop - unfold your full body potential

with Alex Landtwing and Catherine Lippuner
at the Yoga Tribe K6 on Monday August 27 from 7 - 9pm

Do you want to know what your body is capable of? Do you want to learn how your body and voice can help you become more self-confident and give you more expression? Are you curious to find out what skills you can easily acquire to improve your public speaking? Then this fun and effective Voice 'n Yoga workshop is for you.

Expect an evening full of inputs and exercises from vocal training as well as Yoga and other related bodywork.

Your body is your temple, come and explore it with us!

Workshop goals:
• Unfold your full body potential
• Become more self-confident
• Learn to use body and voice to improve public speaking

• Exercises from vocal training
• diaphragmatic breathing
• Use your voice like an instrument
• Integration of body, mind and emotion
• Influence and importance of posture
• Yoga exercise and breathing techniques
• Effect of the Chakras and how to use their energy

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Caterina Meyrat