2,5h Kriya Yoga & Gong Bath

2,5h Kriya Yoga & Gong Bath

with Leo Cosendai (UK/CH)

What an experience! This evening will electrify you, excite you, stimulate you, move you, soothe you and give you inner peace. You don’t believe me? Then give it a try.

During this workshop you will go through most of Patanjali’s limbs of yoga whilst learning tricks and techniques that you will be able to remember and take home with you to make your life more about you and not what is expected of you. 

About Leo Cosendai (UK/CH)
eo is a Pranayama Hatha Kriya Yoga teacher and a Gong bath facilitator from Switzerland.

He has trained with Yogi Ashokananda and learned the way of the Gong with Don Conreaux. He has taught extensively across the world and is a leading figure within the sphere of Sound healing and Yoga. Leo’s gentle and open nature allows him to hold a space in which you can ease into a state of peace, joy and stillness.

If you have never experienced a Gong Bath - this is your chance!

Date & Time: FR 13. April, 18.30  - 21.00 Uhr
Price: 70 chf (pre-pay to secure your spot)
Location: Yoga Tribe, Rüdigerstr. 17, 8045 Zürich

Please book your spot in advance here:

Caterina Meyrat