6-months immersion: THE PATH OF YOGA


Deepen your practice and transform your life

6-months immersion Program:

8. September 2018 - 10. March 2019
with Uma Elizabeth Knight (UK), Deddou Burkhard (CH)
for Yoga practitoners and Yoga teachers
Weekend-long workshops, online study modules and optional 1-on-1 mentorship

Created for teachers, students and anyone curious to learn more about Yoga and themselves, this program has been designed to foster self-care, self-love and self-understanding.

As teachers, students and seekers ourselves, who have been on our own healing journey, we recognise the necessity of self-enquiry and community, the value of support, reflection and guidance from others, and the power of living Yoga as a life path.

With the combined experience of two decades studying, applying and evolving the teachings, we are devoted and passionate about sharing the philosophies, the practices and the tools that have refined, elevated and completely revolutionized our own lives. Along the way we have come to understand how important it is to make this path your own; to find your tribe, your version of the Truth, your map home. We want to empower you in integrating ancient wisdom, with your own personal gifts, stories and insight. We believe that you are the teacher, the healer and the leader you have been waiting for.

Composed of weekend-long workshops, online study and ongoing mentorship, we will dive into progressive and important soul work. Much of the journey is about removing that which stands in the way, and revealing the layers of True Being in order to step into the fullest, clearest, most vibrant version of you.

Like the process of awakening, this program requires commitment, effort, desire and courage. We welcome anyone who is ready to learn, longing for healing and open to change. No previous trainings are necessary and you are not required to be a teacher of Yoga to apply. 

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On the 6th July there is an info session, where you can meet the 2 teachers and learn everything about this unique program. Ask your questions and if you would like, join their 60min Yoga class afterwards.

Date & Time:
6th July 2018, from 18.00 - 19.00 Uhr

(Yoga class starts at 19.00 Uhr)
Price: The Path of Yoga: Info Session is FREE - register here

Herman's Wohnzimmer, Herman-Greulichstr. 56, 8004 Zürich

The following 60min Yoga class "Yoga & Magic" is 20 CHF (instead of normal 30CHF Drop In price) 
Register here for the "Yoga & Magic" yoga class

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